Welcome to DEAP – Doctoral EAP. This blog is home to the various experiences and reflections of those undertaking doctoral study in EAP (English for Academic Purposes). It also includes the many resources we have found useful on our way to completing our doctoral study in the hope they will help others. There may also be the occasional rant!

This blog has been inspired by the Thesis Whisperer and as such maintains many of the same tenets.

  • We want to keep posts short – 1,000 words max.
  • We want the blog to be inclusive so please contact susie.cowley-haselden@northampton.ac.uk or dj50@le.ac.uk (Dan Jones) if you are interested in sharing a post.
  • We want to share experiences and useful finds, not your thesis! Posts should reflect this.
  • We want to make a positive contribution to doctoral study in EAP.

And that’s it!

Susie & Dan


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Looks like it’s going to be a great blog. I’m finishing my PhD proposal at the moment and hopefully starting the program in September. It’s in TESOL at the university of York. Will be investigating EFL learners, teachers and recruiters beliefs and attitudes to NESTs and NNESTs.
    I’ll definitely visit this blog regularly. Do you know any others focused on TESOL in general?


  2. I have a few students doing PhDs in TESOL. I think finding others doing the same in TESOL the Teacher researcher IATEFL SIG (can’t remember the exact name of the SIG) might be a good place to start. I think there is also an annual PG TESOL conference in the UK. Possibly at Warwick? Anyway there are opportunities out there for TESOL PhD students. Far fewer for EAP ones, hence this is a great initiative!


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